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I'm sitting in a Starbucks across the street from the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Atlanta. The hotel charges $10 a day for WiFi. Starbucks has the T-Mobile network, which also charges, but it's in a building that has a free WiFi connection.

It's Day Two of my vacation, so this is my daily report, I guess. Day One went fine. It consisted mostly of waking up at 2 a.m. for no reason--I could have slept all the way until 3:30, but I guess I was too excited or something--and traveling from Seattle to Atlanta. Flight was uneventful. I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the plane. I had to look out the window afterwards because I didn't want my seatmate to see me bawling.

It's hasn't been oppressively hot here so far, but the humidity is off the chart, at least compared with what I'm used to in Seattle.

Dallas, my bridge partner, took a redeye and was already in our room, so when I got to the hotel I was able to go right up and not worry about checking in. I took a nap, then we met up with our teammates, Tom and Evan, got dinner at the foodcourt in the Peachtree Center, which is adjacent via footbridge to our hotel, and played a few practice hands of bridge.

We were unsure of how they would run the event. There are twenty-four teams. It turns out that everyone is playing a 64-board round robin against two other teams (32 boards against each team). After that, the top two of each three-team grouping will advance into the round of 16, and I assume from then on it will be 32-board knockouts leading to a round of 8, then 4, and then the final 2 playing 64 boards on Saturday.

We are playing against a team from Minnesota and a team from New Jersey. After the first 32 boards we were down 14 IMPs to the team from Minnesota and up 43 IMPs against the team from New Jersey. (An IMP, or International Match Point, is how they score the event. You get a certain number of IMPs for each hand you win based on the margin of victory on that hand.) At the end of the night we were only down 3 IMPs against the Minnesotans, but our lead against the New Jerseyites was cut to 21.

I think that still puts us in good shape, since we only have to be in the top two. If we go on to win against the New Jersey team and the Minnesotans also beat them, they will be eliminated. If each of us wins one and loses one, then they use the margin of victory to determine which team is eliminated.

For any non-bridge players reading this, I'm sure it's fascinating.

No photos yet. I'll try to take one of our team today.

Oh, and bye, Scotty! I guess you got beamed up for the last time.


  1. Margot8:20 AM

    Well hi there. We miss you here at pbc. Could you just answer one small question about multidimensional arrays? :o) JK
    Sounds like you're off to a good start with your vacation. I don't envy you being in that humidity though.

    Have a blast! M

  2. Cassy B8:44 AM

    We're all rooting for you here in Seattle! Those rascally Minnesotans are no match for cool Seattle-ites. Challenge them to a coffee-drinking contest before Day 2 starts, and they'll be too wired to play bridge. :-)

    Say hi to the team for us!

  3. Kristine10:55 AM

    Lane, Sorry I didn't say good-bye

    I'm 1/2 through "The Half Blood Prince". It's really good and I'm nervous about the ending!

    Good luck on your game!



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