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Last night was not a good night.

I ran my dishwasher after dinner. Then I was working on my laptop, and I discovered that I couldn't connect on my network to my desktop computer. Further investigation showed that my desktop couldn't see the laptop either. So I called Toshiba, spent probably an hour on the phone with them, and couldn't get anything resolved, but did manage to break it even worse, so that I couldn't get on the internet from either computer.

Finally, after I finished with Toshiba, I got the laptop working again, but I still had no internet connection on the desktop.

Meanwhile, three hours after I started my dishwasher, it was still running. It showed one minute left on the cycle. I opened it. It was still running with water spraying inside. Usually that ends long before the end of the cycle. I started it again and it showed 13 minutes left.

An hour later it was still running and showed one minute left.

So I have a broken dishwasher and a problem with my desktop computer's network configuration.


Otherwise, life is swell. A week from today I'll be on my way to Atlanta. We had a good practice session on Saturday, and then on Saturday night I played with David at Rainbow and we had a 69% game. I'm playing tonight with Dallas and tomorrow night with David, and Saturday night our team is playing at the team game. So we should be ready for next week.

I've been reading and trying to figure out what are the must-see places in Maine and Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, I can't pare it down. There's just too much to see, and not enough time.

Well, there are worse problems. Like a broken dishwasher and a messed-up computer....

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  1. Yikes! Our dishwasher doesn't finish it's cycle either, unless we are there to move the dial manually when it gets close to the end. Luckily we're moving in a couple weeks, so we're just going to ignore it. :)


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