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Yesterday after I got home from my writing group meeting, there was a message from Joy, and we ended up spending the afternoon together shopping for garden stuff. We went to a place out past Redmond that specialized in water features and rocks. She wants to make a fountain out of a rock with a hole drilled through the middle. I think she got a dose of reality as far as what it'll take to accomplish this.

Then we went to Flower World. This was the first time I've been there. It is huge. The biggest garden center I've ever seen. I got some new plants to replace the dying liriope I pulled out last week. It's a shady spot and a very narrow area next to the house alongside the path, so I was limited, but I like what I got.

I really need to mulch, but I so am not looking forward to doing that. I hate lugging the big bags of mulch into the backyard. I should bite the bullet and get a wheelbarrow, if only I had somewhere to keep it.

Even though I didn't really want to go to Pride today, I felt kind of sorry not to be part of the goings-on. I did sign up on the HRC web site to volunteer, so maybe I'll hear from someone about an opportunity to get involved soon.

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